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Design Policy
Design Policy Consultant PFI
 Organization for Comprehensive Environmental Design
  Faced with various life threatening environmental problems such as pollution and natural destruction, we have come to believe that the new human environment cannot be produced out of organizations dispersed in traditional areas of practice.We thus propose a new type of reseach institute elaborately adapted for comprehensive planning and design of the environment. Our competence covers substantially all areas pertinent to environmental design: city planning, architecture, civil engineering, landscape architecture, plant and equipment, building structure, industrial design, interior design and graphic design among others.
EDI is a design office which does consistent research, measurement, schematic design, master plan, preliminary design, working design, and design supervision.
EDI is a unique design offices, which also acts as a design think tank and a consultant.
[Sports Facilities]
  In many cases, sports facilities involve very big spaces and it is therefore necessary to consider closely just what influence they will have on the surrounding environment. Also the relationship between internal and external spaces is very important.
  For museum facilities such as museums, art museums, science museums, etc., it is important to consider not only the architectural design, but also the exhibition and landscape design. We plan for the exhibition, program, architectural design, operation system and landscape.
[Children's Facilities]
  The play environment is very important for children and their families. We design various play environments such as parks, open spaces, schools and the grounds, kindergartens, nursery schools accordingly.
[Kindergarten/Day Nursery/School]
  Education is a very important theme today in Japan. We would like to produce warm and comfortable spaces. To do so, it is necessary to harmonize the natural and artificial environments.
  Dwellings such as houses, hospitals, apartments and cottages, are the basis of architecture. We design dwellings for living.
[Healthcare/Welfare Facilities ]
  High quality living environments through the creation of environments and local communities are desired with much interests in wealth and welfare. We propose a facility design that promotes a integrated, sensitive and serviceable environment.
[Urban Landscape]
  Greenery and open spaces are essential to human life. We come up with many ideas related to greenery and human life such as parks, recreational areas, woods in the city and fruits parks.
[Cultural and Community Facilities]
  We are in the era of locality. Thus, we research on many problems that locality faces with and try to present better solutions. In particular, the possibilities of tourist resorts and recreational areas are of interest.