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Association for Children's Environment
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1968 Mitsuru Senda Established the Environment Design Institute (EDI).
  First project in Oyamadai, Setagaya-ku, and was awarded an honorable mention at the German Competition "Inter 2000".
  In August, the office moved to Aoyama-Street, Shibuya-ku, and became a corporation. Mitsuru Senda headed as president.
  Designed the "Black House" (Residential), particpated in the Mitsui Group House project at the Osaka Expo and planned Kibogaoka Park in Yokohama City.
1972 Started, personal research on children's play environments in Yokohama.
1975 Awarded TOYOTA Foundation grant for "Research and Investigation of Children's Play Environments".
  Moved the office to Minagawa Building, Sannohashi, Minato-ku.
1977 Mitsuru Senda won the Mainichi Design Award for "Design of Children's Play Environments".
1979 Established Environment Design Institute, Co., Ltd.
  Designed "Yokohama Children's Land" and Children's Center. Also started commercial environment planning, Seibu Kasugai Shopping Center.
1982 Mitsuru Senda received a doctorate of engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
1984 Awarded NIRA grant for "the Research, Investigation and Making a Master Plan of Children's Play Environments".
  Mitsuru Senda became professor at the department of architectural engineering of Ryukyu University in Okinawa. Then, went on as honorary chief of Environment Design Institute.
1985 Designed Tsukuba Science Expo, "Children's Plaza".
1987 Building Contractors' Society Award for Hamamatsu Science Museum.
1988 Moved the office to Mita, Minato-ku.
1989 Mitsuru Senda became professor at the department of social development engineering at the Nagoya Institute of Technology.
1992 Mitsuru Senda became professor at the department at the architecture and building engineering of Tokyo Institute of Technology
  Junko Senda took over the office as the president.
Enhanced the team to include landscape design, play structure and display, and became a comprehensive environment design office.
  Increased capital to yen30,000,000.
1995 Grand Prize of Tajima Dome Design Competition in Hyogo Pref.
1996 The Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture Prize for Ibaraki Nature Museum project.
  Built a new office building in Roppongi, Minato-ku and moved there.
1997 The Architectural Institute of Japan Prize for Aichi Children's Center.
1998 The 30th Anniversary since establishment of Environment Design Institute.
1999 Mitsuru Senda assigned the Vice President of the Architectural Institute of Japan.
2001 Mitsuru Senda assigned the President of the Architectural Institute of Japan.
2004 Mitsuru Senda assigned the President of the Association for Children's Environment.
  Mitsuru Senda assigned the Vice President of the Japan Institute of Architects.
  Mitsuru Senda assigned an honorary member of the Architectural Institute of Japan.
2005 Mitsuru Senda assigned honorary professor at Tokyo institute of Technology and Chairman at Environment Design Institute.
  "Building houses which promote wellness" Published by Iwanami Shuppan.
  "Healthy and Peaceful Arvhitecture and Environment" Featured by Architectural Journal.